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T/CCI is a world leader in compressor technology including reciprocating, swash plate, wobble plate, variable compressor, and air brake compressor designs. We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer for trucking, off-highway, agriculture/construction, specialty vehicle, and transport refrigeration markets. T/CCI is dedicated to a leadership role in the industry-investing resources through our engineering, testing and R & D labs including next generation refrigerants that reduce emissions. Our global footprint spans manufacturing locations in China, Argentina and Illinois with warehousing, sales and engineering in Illinois, Texas, China, Argentina, Ireland, Germany, India and Spain. We are committed to providing customers with superior products at significantly better prices. We achieve this through our application expertise, global logistics, design thinking and product innovation. T/CCI is recognized and awarded SQEP certifications by Caterpillar at both Ningbo, China and Decatur, IL manufacturing facilities.

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CNC Machining

Our CNC Machining division is a recognized leader for high precision large format: metal turning, milling, drilling and assembly. Our engineers and skilled professionals have a problem-solving approach and provide quality and expertise end to end--from design and machining through to assembly and delivery. Our logistics center has a global footprint to help you improve your costs and productivity. Our facility has fully equipped IMA capabilities, advanced software, and highly automated processes to handle large part milling and turning.


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T/CCI’s sister company, Tillotson, is a leader in innovative fuel systems and high performance small engine technology. Founded as The Tillotson Mfg. Co. in 1914 in Toledo, Ohio, Tillotson started as a carburetor manufacturer for the burgeoning automotive industry. In the 1940’s it invented the diaphragm carburetor, which allowed small engines to operate in any position, thus creating the modern handheld lawn & garden equipment industry. Since then, Tillotson has pioneered fuel systems for recreational vehicles, high performance race karts and unmanned air vehicles (drones) and recently introduced its own line of portable electric generators and small engines for the lawn and garden market. These generators and engines feature Tillotson’s latest TillotsonTCT fuel system, capable of reducing emissions by up to 40%.