Air Brake Compressors

TA1-25555 TA2-25552

Available compressor sizes:

TA1-25555 | TA1-25556 | TA2-25551 – TA2-25554 | TA2-25564 – TA2-25568

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TA2-25588 |TA1-25589 | TA1-25590 | TA2-25591 | TA2-25592 | TA1-25579 | TA1-25571

See Brochure For OEM References


We feature world-class technology and engineering with diversified compressor designs that deliver high performance braking power, high efficiency with minimized air contamination and a global support network. Designed to handle more load under higher pressure that lasts longer than competitors, our high quality air brake compressors deliver durability.


TCCI Air Brake Compressors are 10–25% less than REMAN compressors. Other advantages include no core return, one-year warranty and a global personal service all backed by 50 years of compressor technology leadership and innovation.



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Brand Reman vs Brand New

Our high quality air brake compressors deliver durability.

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