TCCI – April 2017 Newsletter

what quality and durability mean to t/cci

T/CCI is committed to providing our loyal customer base with quality products at significantly better prices than competitors. This is achieved through application expertise, forward-thinking design and product innovation—as well as a brand promise grounded in principles of quality. We asked T/CCI employees what quality and durability meant to them:

Dick Ennis, Director of Engineering: “Durability is a function of better design to ensure that compressors survive not only design-level operating parameters, but also unforeseen operating conditions that are not inherent in normal operation. Quality expectations ensure that our designs meet customer requirements 100% of the time. Not following these principles in enhanced durability design and providing substandard levels of compressor quality always results in customer dissatisfaction.”

Rodge Brooks, Director of Application Engineering: “Quality and durability are interchangeable words to me in this industry. If I purchase something, it needs to perform the intended task—to withstand wear and meet expected performance.”

Shawn Daly, Quality Manager: “Quality means meeting or exceeding customer expectations in performance, customer service and delivery. Durability is delivering a product that goes beyond what a normal customer requires—designing and building a product that withstands unknown use.”

Get to Know: Shawn Daly

Describe your role with T/CCI. 
As quality manager, I act as the voice of the customer. I translate customer feedback into improvements for our products and processes. I believe that focusing on customer concerns improves product quality as well as customer service—which puts T/CCI on the forefront of the industry. 

What’s been your best experience working for T/CCI?
T/CCI fosters a culture of collaboration—and working with the other talented team members has been a positive experience. Our employees all have unique skillsets and areas of expertise that provide perspective when thinking critically and problem solving. Ultimately, this diversity contributes to the success of the company.

What opportunities do you see in the industry?
We offer a wide range of products and services. With our global footprint, building on this provides us the opportunity to be the preferred supplier of compressors globally.

How have your experiences/knowledge from past roles shaped your experience in your current role?
I started in product design and testing and moved to operations as an automotive manufacturing engineer. This allowed me to develop a strong knowledge of the APQP process and documentation. I’ve managed manufacturing line installations, product launches and workforce training. I’ve also had roles in which I developed and implemented quality systems.

My experience has taught me that quality systems need to be developed around the people of the organization. When we talk about quality systems, it isn’t just the quality of the parts, but the way we do business to support our customers.

product spotlight: Wobble Plate Compressors

T/CCI’s products are designed to live up to the promise of performance and durability – this means that no detail is too small.  Each part that goes into our compressors is hand-picked to outlast and outperform the competition. The combination of these advanced features provides the customer with a compressor that lasts longer—which increases the life of their machine and ultimately saves them money.

Double End Capped PAG Oil: T/CCI is the only manufacturer that uses a double end cap. Using a high quality material creates better lubricity, resulting in a longer compressor life.

Forged Planet Plate: Stronger ball and socket connections and a robust, less porous material translates to less wear on the compressor.

Stainless Steel Reed Valves: Corrosion-resistant material prevents rust within the system.

Larger Thrust Bearings: Absorb axial loads more effectively for improved durability.

Larger Main Shaft Bearing: A longer bearing improves seal durability and longevity.

5% More Copper: More stable/stronger clutch engagements equal less clutch slippage.

40% More Clutch Contact Area: More contact area means easier clutch engagement, more torque and reduced wear. T/CCI is the only manufacturer that validates to 2,000,000 cycles.

EKK Seal: A triple lip seal provides less shaft seal leakage and reduced rocking against the seal, reducing wear and tear.