IMG_0479BlendedNo one can predict the weather, but understanding the effects of the climate and the environment directly impacts your development costs, performance and time to market. The T/CCI Climatic Wind Tunnel & Innovations Center allows customers to test under a wide range of simulated, guaranteed, repeatable environmental conditions for an array of applications.

T/CCI on-site engineers work collaboratively with customers to provide advanced technology solutions for new product testing, new technology or diagnosis of system issues. Our simulations enable engineers precise control over all the key variables that determine performance.

  • Speeds up to 100km/h optimal speed for testing trucks and buses
  • Temperatures between -25 and +50 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity between 5 and 95% from 4.4C to 50C
  • Wind 0 – 161 kph
  • Road 0 – 160 kph
  • Solar 100 – 1200 W/m2
  • Full solar spectrum, humidity control, chassis dynamometer, hot road, snow generation and tailpipe exhaust emissions

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