Advanced Testing Center

We problem solve with you to reduce your field and facility validation.

T/CCI’s Advanced Testing Center is one of only a handful of comparable testing sites in the world and will help develop and optimize customer systems for efficiency, durability, quality, and cost-effectiveness at a fraction of the cost of traditional wind-tunnel testing. The center’s dual systems have 50 kW capability and are able to precisely recreate real-world conditions without the power requirements, overhead, and risk associated with wind tunnels.


Component matching for compressor displacement and capacity
Nominal design determination for fuel economy
Expansion valve sizing and heat exchanger matching
Nominal refrigerant and oil charge level determination
Durability and NVH testing

Develop & Optimize

Heating Systems
A/C Systems
Electrical Compressors
Battery Cooling
Heat Pumps

We problem solve with you to reduce your field and facility validation. This provides full facility to field correlation using portable data acquisition monitored by our system development experts. The fundamental testing equipment brings even greater value to customers by building on the more than 100 years of experience with HVAC testing and compressor development.


T/CCI Opens Advanced Test...

Decatur, Illinois, facility opened meet customer specification and validation requirements.