Engineering Brief – QP25

QP25 provides the latest technology and design for school busses and smaller bus applications. Through this model, T/CCI is able to provide a versatile, lower cost solution for new bus designs. The QP25 model provides higher capacity than the QP21 or enhanced 7H15 while being able to fit in the same mounting configurations.This provides an immediate cost-effective solution to customers who need the higher capacity in extreme climatic conditions.

The QP25 compressor has been fitted with a new design “4-eye” clutch with higher clamping force to accommodate the increased capacity of the QP25. The rubber dampening of the 4-eye armature provides smooth and quiet clutch engagements that ensures NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) characteristics of the QP25 exceed customer expectations.

The QP25 has undergone T/CCI’s rigorous validation processes to meet industry leading performance standards. The QP25, along with the full line of T/CCI solutions are backed by world-class service and support of a trusted global network.

The QP25 is now available and being distributed to OEM dealers through the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.