Product Spotlight: T/CCI Air Brake Compressors

February 1, 2017 in Blog

T/CCI Manufacturing recently introduced a new line of high efficiency, heavy-duty air brake compressors for construction and trucking. The new air brake compressors are designed for superior productivity and to outlast competitor models.

The true value proposition, however, is the ability to provide the service sector with a new compressor for the aftermarket that is more cost efficient than most remanufactured compressors.

“T/CCI is the only company that has been able to make a quality compressor in this category for the same price others are selling remanufactured compressors and the response from the market has already been extremely favorable,” T/CCI Director of Sales Lindsey Parrish said.

T/CCI has pulled from 50 years of expertise in compressor technology and design to develop this latest line of durable compressors that outperform the competition in nearly every category at a more affordable price point.

The line includes 10 models with hundreds of applications including Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel engines. PACCAR was the first company to take the product into the aftermarket service line at the end of 2016.

“We’ve done this before in the A/C compressor business and offered a product that people want and service departments need. We think the air brake is going to trend the same way as our air conditioning compressor business—which has seen 20 percent compounded annual growth for the past several years,” Parrish added.

All products undergo T/CCI’s rigorous testing and strict validation processes to meet industry standards and T/CCI is able to rapidly customize air brake solutions to fit customer needs.

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