Tillotson Vertical Engines

The Tillotson brand has been trusted for over 100 years and is synonymous with professional quality, durability, power and performance.


Available sizes:

Our overhead valve vertical shaft engines are available in 140cc, 173cc and 196cc displacements with either a recoil or electric start option.


The engines are all equipped with our high performance TCT fuel system and offer customers improvements in power, torque and stability for ultimate performance and better cost alternatives. The patented TillotsonTCT technology delivers up to 10% more torque, a more stable power curve and lower emissions and noise levels.


The engines are produced in partnership with our sister company, T/CCI Manufacturing, a leader in heavy duty automotive manufacturing. T/CCI’s ISO-9001:2008 with Design, ISO14001, and TS016949 certifications provide us with the highest standard automotive grade manufacturing capability which translates to a superior product and greater savings for our customers and our customer’s customer. Together, Tillotson and T/CCI dedicate ourselves to a collaborative philosophy with our customers that starts with engineering & application expertise, a fast, responsive support program and global logistics through our facilities in the US, Ireland, Argentina, China, Germany, and Spain.

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Tillotson and T/CCI dedicate themselves to a collaborative philosophy with customers that starts wit