Engineering Brief – QPS65

QPS65 provides the latest technology and design for buses, transport refrigeration vehicles and other applications that require large capacity displacement. The new, smaller design is tailored to align with industry trends in bus manufacturing, downsizing engine space and the ability to mount traditional compressors.

The QPS65’s compact and light packaging meets the needs of most new bus designs. The swash plate compressor is exceptionally durable, and the NVH is lower than reciprocating compressors, providing a smoother, more comfortable ride. T/CCI has also allowed for more clutch configurations resulting in the ability to customize solutions for partners around the world.

There are two model configurations available for the QPS65 – one rotates clockwise and the other counterclockwise. This enables compressor mounting either on the engine or opposite the engine when space constraints do not allow the compressor to be engine mounted

The QPS65 model can use both PAG or POE type oils depending on the customer’s needs which ensures compatibility with different system requirements.

Service and maintenance are enhanced with dual sight glasses to ensure compressor oil levels are maintained and shaft seal leakage is minimized by use of a superior “triple lip shaft seal” unlike reciprocating compressors.

These confidence-backed, quality tested products have undergone T/CCI’s rigorous validation processes to meet industry leading performance standards.

The QPS65, along with the full line of T/CCI solutions, are backed by world-class service and support of a trusted global network.