Get to know: Shirley Leevy

Shirley LeevyDescribe your role with T/CCI.

My job is very multi-functional as Manager of Logistics and Inventory; you have to be able to juggle both sides of the job. As Logistics manager shipping globally you have to make sure you are getting the best prices and delivery to anywhere in the world you are shipping. It is very important that you’re forwarder understands that time is important in meeting customer demands. As Inventory manager your focus is controlling the amount of inventory coming in to meet production demands but at the same time making sure that you are not bringing in too much inventory that will sit and cause excess carry costs we don’t need. It is very important to work with both purchasing and production planning in determining inventory needs.

What’s been your best experience working for T/CCI?

Working with a good group of people who are willing to help answer questions regarding compressor components and how they are made so that when you need to explain it one is able to intelligently.

What opportunities do you see in the industry?

I see this industry growing and expanding internationally and with the change in the weather everyone is always looking for an AC unit to help keep their trucks cool on a hot day of traveling.

How have your experiences/knowledge from past roles shaped your experience in your current role?

My experience whether it be a large company or a small company the goal for both logistics and inventory is the same for both companies.  You must keep costs down and have less inventory on hand.  Inventory is a killer for any business for it ties up your dollars that you may have to spend on other goods and services.  Inventory will always be a thorn is every company’s side.