Get to Know: Jörg Lehmann, Director of Sales and Marketing

August 1, 2016 in Blog

Describe your role with T/CCI.
As T/CCI’s Director of Sales and Marketing of our new office and warehouse facility in Hamburg, Germany, I am responsible for the close communication with our European customers and the Europe-based customers’ global subsidiaries. I also handle Europe’s neighboring markets such as Turkey, the Near and Middle East and Africa as well as specific global markets like India.

What’s been your best experience working for T/CCI?
I started as Marketing Sales and Service Engineer, responsible for just one T/CCI product. Meanwhile, I pro-actively developed the business in our markets with an efficient team in a global T/CCI context. Our sales figures in Europe grow on a yearly basis, as we currently have a product program that is focused on OEM and aftermarket customer requirements.

What opportunities do you see in the industry?
Our product range is permanently adapted to our customers’ needs. Researching what they will need in a 5 to 10 year time frame and streamlining product developments for growing T/CCI sales is a fruitful and exciting job for me.

How have your experiences/knowledge from past roles shaped your experience in your current role?
I became a heavy duty guy by learning the basics of truck technologies while starting my career at a German truck assembly plant in 1984. After that, I studied Mechanical Engineering at the agricultural technology section of the Humboldt University of Berlin where I also learned to drive harvesters. Therefore, I am behind the technical requirements of our truck, off-road vehicle, bus and transport refrigeration customers. My Industrial Engineering degree helps me to manage all aspects of customer-focused compressor designs, to understand latest production and quality methodologies and to know how to market our products in the most effective way. Eighteen years in sales of air-conditioning components for the passenger and heavy-duty vehicle industry also add to my skillset as T/CCI’s Director in Europe.

In 1998, I started working as Marketing and Sales Engineer at T/CCI’s European Sales and Engineering office, BWD Automotive GmbH on T/CCI and other US-based automotive products. My first steps at the director’s level were accompanied by Mike Dawson, T/CCI USA’s highly experienced, just retired sales director. While traveling together all over Europe for more than 10 years, Mike became a very good friend to me. I am happy to have excellent day-to-day communication with T/CCI’s top management and the group’s people around the globe.

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