Market Applications

We are heavy-duty experts and global leaders in compressor technology, electric, wobble, swash, variable, rotary vane, and reciprocating designs. We are not a one-size-fits-all manufacturing; our approach takes each unique application in mind—delivering unmatched durability and performance at a lower cost to the customer. We always put the customer first to make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

Our global locations support our customers need for localized growth and emerging market trends. We have been awarded key OEM electrification programs and continue to expand our product offering and technology in new market sectors and the automotive industry. Our research and development team is committed to advanced testing and global operational unification to maximize efficiencies and costs for our customers.

We are SQEP GOLD certified with CATERPILLAR and a four time Navistar Diamond Award Winner. We were awarded the CBE-1 and Global Sourcing for the Traton Group(Volkswagen, MAN, Scania and Navistar). No matter where the road takes you, we are there for the long haul.

High-mileage applications require a compressor with uncompromising reliability and durability. As heavy-duty experts, we put forth products designed to meet the challenges of the road and tested to exceed expectations.
Transport Refrigeration
We design mobile a/c compressors with the future in mind. Our transport refrigeration models are compatible with emergent refrigerants for high-efficiency performance that doesn’t compromise on output.
Agriculture & Construction
We specialize in heavy-duty compressors designed specifically to withstand the rigors of individual applications. When it comes to harsh conditions, we know what it takes to achieve high output and exceptional performance that lasts.
Bus, Coach, Rail
The passenger transport industry is constantly evolving and demands the same level of innovation from parts suppliers. We provide innovative and versatile solutions that are backed by their rigorous validation process to ensure high performance and superior durability.
Our heavy-duty expertise informs our designs for ultra-high output compressors that stand up to extreme conditions. We have extensive experience outfitting military and specialty vehicle applications that have undergone rigorous validation testing.
Electric is in. Our complete range of electric compressors will power battery cooling and a/c for the next generation of electric automobiles in the European and North American markets.