TCCI – May 2017 Newsletter

ACA Partnership Announced at Automec

Automec, held in São Paulo, Brazil, is the most important aftermarket automotive show in Latin America. The biennial expo was held in a new venue this year, the São Paulo Expo Building, to accommodate increasing attendance. This year’s event had over 74,000 visitors from 60 countries and 1,500 exhibitors.

The 2017 show was an incredible success for T/CCI, who announced their new partnership with ACA. T/CCI’s relationship with ACA started in 2011 and has grown to a trusted alliance in years since. Now, ACA will serve as the authorized aftermarket distributor for all T/CCI products in Brazil. Jorge Gouvea of ACA commented, “The participation of ACA at Automec in partnership with T/CCI is an important step for both companies in the aftermarket of Brazil and Latin America—offering robust and reliable products.” With their established distribution network and our Cordoba, Argentina plant nearby, we will be able to meet the growing demand of the market.

T/CCI unveiled the QPV-125 variable air conditioning compressor and heavy duty airbrake compressor at the show. Introducing these designs to the Latin American market will provide a high-quality, low-cost alternative to the most popular compressors for automotive, bus and heavy-duty. Despite a lull in the Brazilian economy, T/CCI has seen an increase in agriculture equipment production and subsequently, an increased demand for aftermarket compressors.  We look forward to working with ACA to make these new products a great success in the Latin American market.

Customer Questions: How are you able to provide a superior product at a lower price than competitor brands?

T/CCI is a United States manufacturer that has plants globally—so our culture, methodology and quality control systems are the same throughout our locations. Applying our process in a global market allows us to manufacture our products at a lower price to our customers. Meaning, we are able to utilize lower labor cost structures while still maintaining our western processes. This approach to manufacturing globally delivers consistent quality no matter the location of the plant.

T/CCI uses an optimized blend of manual labor and automation that allows for low-cost, high-quality manufacturing. Skilled labor and an automated critical process provide a checks and balances system for our products. Before the compressors leave the plant, over 100 quality checks are performed throughout the line. From the performance of the product to the grains of the material—no detail is left untouched.

In addition to our proven process, we practice layered auditing, or routine visits to plants from key T/CCI staff. Large, on-site inspection teams ensure quality on a day-to-day basis and aid in delivering our brand promise of performance and durability.

Edward Arrieta, Global Engineering Director, developing successful team in ningbo

Describe your role with T/CCI. 
As the Global Engineering Director, I oversee quality and engineering in our Ningbo, China facility. I started as a consultant to develop the engineering and management teams at the new location and have continued on. Essentially, my objective is to fully develop the staff so that the Ningbo facility can function autonomously. In baseball terms, I see myself in several roles: team manager, coach, mentor and the occasional D.H.

What’s been your best experience working for T/CCI?
Setting up the high-performing teams in Ningbo has been my favorite task thus far. I’ve had a key role in recruiting and staffing different teams, including management.

What opportunities do you see in the industry?
I’m an engineer—so nothing is out of reach in my opinion. We have the abilities in terms of talent and manufacturing to expand to other vehicle components. We’ve started expanding for our sister company, Tillotson, by making carburetors and engines. We have the capacity to do big things.

How have your experiences/knowledge from past roles shaped your experience in your current role?
Throughout my career, I have worked in product development, quality testing and application engineering, which has guided my approach in my current position. I’ve also been a huge car and motorcycle enthusiast since an early age, which has definitely added to my industry knowledge.

Product Spotlight: QPV-125

The TCC/I QPV-125 is built to outperform and outlast the competition. This variable swash plate compressor with 125cc displacement, balances performance to the amount of cooling required, increases fuel efficiency and provides enhanced durability for construction vehicles and heavy-duty trucks.

While most variable compressors are designed for the automotive industry (three years – 36,000 miles on the road), T/CCI’s proprietary design and unique internal configuration of the compressor is developed specifically for the heavy-duty market, where they commonly run 100,000 miles.

Electromagnetic Clutch with Torque Cushion Driver, Thermal Fuse and Diode: Enhanced NVH and belt protection

Guide Groove Mechanism: Improved durability and control

Valve Plate Component Design: Superior leak resistance and performance

Crankcase Oil Separator: Refined oil management

Larger Thrust Bearing: Increased NVH and durability

4-Port Pneumatic Control Valve: Advanced energy efficiency

PTFE Coating Plated and Welded Bronze Swash Plate: Robust dry start protection and enhanced reliability

CAE Optimized Casting Design: Improved NVH and weight management

Heat Treatment and Improved Tolerance Spline: Enhanced product longevity