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T/CCI’s new compressors include high-voltage electric designs spanning 15cc/24V to 120cc/850V and 2 kW to 30 kW. The new 24V products are designed primarily to cool the interior of a cabin when a vehicle’s engine is turned off. This is a feature especially important in the European market where regulations do not allow truck engines to run overnight.

The high-voltage 400V to 850V products are designed to serve vehicles propelled by an electric motor in full capacity including heavy-duty trucks, buses, transport refrigeration vehicles and automotive applications.

The 120cc/850V compressor is an especially unique product, focused on a segment of the market that is currently unserved. The product is designed to provide battery cooling and a/c for the heavy-duty trucking, bus and railway sectors. T/CCI’s compressor is designed to handle overvoltage situations.

The 24V model will be available in spring of 2021 and the larger 850V will hit the market this fall. T/CCI is planning for a range of higher displacement compressors, with specific details to be released later this year including compressors for the automotive market.

T/CCI Electric Compressors

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