Product Spotlight: QP7H

The QP7H is and continues to be the fastest growing product line at T/CCI. “This is an anchor product line for us,” Richard Demirjian, T/CCI president said. “Our customers recognize the true heavy-duty nature of the line in this space compared to competitive products and the QP7H outperforms them all, hands down.” The combination of advanced design features provides our customers with a compressor that lasts longer than competitor models.

With the success of the QP7H, T/CCI continues to evolve and improve the product line. Teams work to improve the internal design that will extend the life of the truck compressor. These developments, in combination with our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants around the globe, allow us to provide customers with the latest in industry technology while maintaining our low-cost, high-value promise.

We are a United States manufacturer that has plants across the globe—our culture, methodology and quality control systems are the same throughout our locations. Applying our process in a global market allows us to manufacture our products at a lower cost to our customers. Watch here to see how we apply our process to the 7H line in Ningbo, China.