Product Spotlight: TCCI QP7H

The 7H is, and continues to be, the fastest growing product line at T/CCI. “This is an anchor product line for us,” Richard Demirjian, T/CCI President said. “Our customers recognize the true heavy duty nature of the line compared to competitive products in this space and the 7H out-performs them all, hands down.”

T/CCI launched the 7H in 2006. At the time, similar products were produced for the automotive market, but there was not a heavy-duty-specific solution. T/CCI stepped in with the capability to design and manufacture a superior product at a lower price point. “This is the leading design in the industry for the heavy-duty truck and construction sector,” Demirjian added.

The 7-H can operate with lower oil and circulations and less clutch wear. T/CCI clutches are designed to last twice as long as any other clutch in the industry – up to two million cycles. PACCAR and Daimler trucks were among the first to adapt the technology and remain loyal customers today.

Ten years after its introduction into the market, T/CCI continues to evolve and improve the product line. Teams work to test the compressor extensively with improvements to the internal design that push the life of the truck compressor. As the technology continues to evolve, the 7H line is being expanded to go into larger applications including 30 passenger/school buses.