Students Look to Careers in Growing Industry

recruitment-131031T/CCI attended the First Annual Manufacturer’s Day at Richland Community College on October 14th.  Approximately 80 junior and senior high school students enrolled at Heartland Technical Academy attended the event. The focus of the event was to showcase careers and career paths in manufacturing and encourage students to make manufacturing a career and area of study. Students had the opportunity to network with local employers, eat lunch with employers and listen to an employer-led presentations on getting a job, a day in the life of a manufacturer and future opportunities in manufacturing. Students asked the panel questions about entry requirements, income potential and local job outlook.

A majority of the students that attended the event were enrolled in welding or contract machining classes at Richland. According to RCC Instructor John Daum, enrollment for dual credit courses is up—stating that younger students were not intimidated by the math or hands-on aspect of using CNC machinery. “It was exciting to see so many young students asking questions about careers at T/CCI,” said Anastasia Lingle, Human Resources Manager. “I was surprised that a few students reached out by e-mail and inquired about employment opportunities upon graduation.”