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T/CCI Manufacturing is a world leader in compressor technology used in a range of small construction, military, heavy-duty trucking, and transit applications.


Wobble Plate Compressors offer the best value in cost and durabilty.

  • For use in heavy-duty truck and vocational vehicles
  • Represent¬†90% of compressors sold in the HD market
  • Compact compressors for use in low horse power applications
  • Drop-in replacement for your wobble and swash plate compressors
  • Improved resistance to low or lost lubrication conditions


The latest offering from T/CCI is a variable swash plate compressor with 125cc displacement, its variable pumping capabilities balance performance to the amount of cooling required, increasing fuel efficiency and providing enhanced durability.

Our variable swash plate compressor automatically varies pumping capacity to meet demand in automotive, heavy-duty truck and construction applications.

  • 125cc displacement
  • Balances cooling to performance ratio
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Provides enhanced durability


We listened to the needs of the construction and agriculture industry OEM and system providers, then applied our expertise and manufacturing to engineer the QPRV Rotary Vane Compressor.

  • Smaller size. Less noise and vibration
  • Lower cost. Better performance. Longer life.
  • Slug tolerant
  • Better clutch engagement
  • Quality tested product meets rigorous validation standards
  • World-class service and support with our trusted global network

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