T/CCI Around The Globe: T/CCI Germany Update

T/CCI has located to a new and larger facility in Hamburg, Germany to better serve our customers’ regional needs. With T/CCI’s global locations and logistics network, they offer a highly competitive price for Europe’s OEMs when it comes to sourcing industry leading air conditioning compressors.

“This move to the new location is a big step for us from a strategic point of view. We have tripled the available warehouse space, which helps us accommodate the increased product demand we have seen after becoming a true member of the T/CCI Group in 2014. This gets us more than ready for the challenges and opportunities to come,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Jörg Lehmann. “We also re-defined our internal processes to optimize our workflows and to meet our customers’ increasing product requirements and service needs best as possible. During this process we also upgraded our IT environment as well as our assembly line in order to be even more flexible for our existing as well as our new customers.”