TCCI – June 2018 Newsletter


Laying the Groundwork for Machining excellence

T/CCI is laying the groundwork for our latest investment in manufacturing excellence—the Toyoda FH1600SW. As the largest HMC ever installed on US soil—the FH1600SW boasts superior speed performance while maintaining an unrivaled platform rigidity that allows spindles to reach peak performance.

Built for capacity. The FH1600SW horizontal machining center features the largest work envelope in its class and the greatest machining capacity for large part applications.

Built for power. Engineered for heavy cutting, the FH1600FW delivers powerful cutting and high removal rates.

Built for reliability. The FH1600SW’s bed and column have a higher density than traditional cast iron, providing enhanced stability and long-term durability.

The machine will be running Summer 2018. Taking orders now.

Engineering Test Lab Manager—Brian Ostrander

Describe your role with T/CCI.
As Engineering Test Lab Manager, I oversee performance and durability testing for product design and production validation in our Decatur, Illinois location. I also work closely with our engineering and testing personnel in Ningbo, China.

What’s been your best experience working for T/CCI?
T/CCI is a great place to work. I’m fortunate that many of the skilled people I’ve worked with at past jobs, such as Zexel USA, have come to work at T/CCI to do great things for our industry.

What opportunities do you see in the industry?
Electrically-driven compressors will certainly be one of the biggest opportunities for us as a company. Also, further expansion into the OE market for all of our refrigeration compressor products and establishing ourselves as a main OE and aftermarket air brake compressor supplier. There are many great things ahead.

How have your experiences/knowledge from past roles shaped your experience in your current role?
Working for Zexel USA years ago as a lab technician and engineer gave me the refrigeration theory, instrumentation knowledge and test lab experience that I rely on every day in my current position. Working as a controls engineer for the past 15 years has also come in very handy since most of our test stands rely on the same hardware and technology for control and data acquisition as the manufacturing industry.

More efficient. Less energy. A sneak peak at our electric compressor.

Our latest design—the electric compressor—has adopted the scroll design, which makes for a much smoother and quieter ride. It is housed in a much smaller, more efficient package without sacrificing performance. A 24 cc electric scroll compressor produces the equivalent performance as a typical 150 cc piston application at 50% higher efficiency. That translates into more performance using less energy!

The design allows the compressor and AC system to be operational even when the engine is not running—saving fuel and providing operator comfort. The capacity can be controlled internally or externally to match the cooling demand, providing optimum comfort while maintaining energy efficiency.

T/CCI is currently field-testing our electric scroll compressor to ensure it meets and exceeds the cooling and durability requirements. Our compressor utilizes PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) to drive the scroll compressor, delivering less vibration and noise than the more commonly used brushless DC motor.

As field testing is complete, the compressors will start appearing in equipment later this year. 18cc and 24cc compressors in a range of voltage will be available.


Mark your calendars! The 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles Tradeshow will be in Hanover, Germany September 20-27, 2018. IAA is the world’s leading tradeshow for mobility, transport and logistics. Come see T/CCI for the latest in A/C compressor technology.