TCCI – March 2018 Newsletter

T/CCI Earns Navistar’s International 2017 Diamond Supplier Award

T/CCI is honored to have been awarded the Navistar International 2017 Diamond Supplier Award. Only Navistar’s highest-performing suppliers are considered for the annual award. The select group represents the top 2% of the company’s supply base that helps Navistar improve customer wait times and exceed performance expectations for quality, delivery, technology and cost.

T/CCI has been a Navistar supply partner since 2013, providing the QP7H15 to the Navistar OEM and aftermarket sectors for heavy-duty trucking. The QP7H is the leading design in the industry for the heavy-duty truck and construction market. The revolutionary design allows the compressor to operate with lower oil circulation and less clutch wear provides the customer with a longer lasting compressor.

“This is an incredible recognition from Navistar and a testament to the hard work and achievement of T/CCI staff and facilities globally,” said T/CCI President Richard Demirjian. “The Diamond Supplier Award means they can count on us to do the job and get it done right. That’s not something we take lightly and we are proud to receive the award.”

We are truly grateful to have industry partners that share our same business values. T/CCI would like to extend special thanks to Lindsey Parrish, as well as our teams in Ningbo, China and Decatur, Illinois for their role in this great accomplishment and our success as a whole.

Product Spotlight: QP25

Introducing the latest technology for school busses and smaller bus applications—the QP25. The lower cost solution provides higher capacity than the QP21 or enhanced 7H15 while being able to fit in the same mounting configurations. This provides an immediate, cost-effective solution to customers who need the higher capacity in extreme climatic conditions. “The demand for buses worldwide is forecast to rise nearly five percent annually through 2021 and the need to provide our OEMs with customized solutions at an affordable cost is higher than ever,” Director of Engineering Dick Ennis said.

The QP25 compressor has been fitted with a new design “4-eye” clutch with higher clamping force to accommodate the increased capacity of the QP25. The rubber dampening of the 4-eye armature provides smooth and quiet clutch engagements that ensure NVH (noise, vibrations, harshness) characteristics of the QP25 exceed customer expectations.

The QP25 has undergone T/CCI’s rigorous validation processes to meet industry-leading performance standards. The QP25, along with the full line of T/CCI solutions are backed by world-class service and support of a trusted global network.

The QP25 is now available and being distributed to OEM dealers through the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.

View the QP25 here .

MACS Tradeshow 2018

The 2018 MACS Training Event and Tradeshow was a success. Our team unveiled our two latest compressor designs, the QP25 and QPS65—game changers for the bus industry.

The QP25 is designed for school busses and smaller bus applications with 20% more capacity with YF1234 while fitting the same mounting configurations as the smaller compressor. Read more about the QP25 here .

The QPS65 is the latest swash plate design for applications with large placement capacity. The new, smaller design is tailored to align with industry trends in bus manufacturing, downsizing engine space and the ability to amount traditional compressors. Read more about the QPS65 here .

The T/CCI team was excited to share our latest products during the press conference and at the booth to our outstanding customers. See you next year!