TCCI – October 2017 Newsletter

The Shift to Energy Efficient Refrigerants

R404A has long been the most widely used refrigerant for mobile, commercial and industrial refrigeration—including the prolific Transport Refrigeration industry. It was first introduced in the 1990’s as a more environmentally friendly replacement for CFCs and HCFCs—but it is no longer considered the best option for emissions efficiency.

R452A is a new alternative refrigerant for R404A and has a 45% lower environmental impact. It also reduces your operating costs while complying with the upcoming 2020 F-GAS regulations. T/CCI is one of the few companies ready to sell R452A compliant compressors—QP13, 15 and 16. Not only does this sustainable innovation minimize environmental impact, but promises lasting savings for your operation.

T/CCI has also been approved to utilize R1234yf for air conditioning compressors in vehicle cabs. This new, more efficient refrigerant will replace the commonly used R134A.

It’s our responsibility to not only deliver high-quality products that perform, but products that are designed with environmental and monetary impact in mind.

Kara Demirjian-Huss positions t/cci as industry leader

Describe your role with T/CCI.
As the VP & Global Marketing Director, my key responsibilities are global brand positioning, development and implementation of strategic communication & marketing initiatives, new product go-to-market strategies, customer & product program integration, web development, social, digital and traditional advertising, tradeshow planning, governmental and community affairs, real estate management and all other duties that further the growth of our corporation.

What’s been your best experience working with T/CCI?
The people, both internal and external. It’s not surprising as a marketer I am a relationship person. I love integrating all departments of our company into the marketing and communication process. Our culture at T/CCI breeds collective impact, innovation and communication. Together we are better, faster, more responsive and in-tune with the needs of our customers and suppliers. 

What opportunities do you see in the industry?
We are always innovating. We have several new products that have launched or will launch Q1 2018. We are always looking at ways to bring new or better products to market. We are solution providers looking to fill the gaps and needs of our customers. Our industry demands lower costs, better performance and higher quality. We are constantly setting new standards and disrupting the industry by offering higher quality products with a better price and delivery. 

How have your experience/knowledge from past roles shaped your experience in your current role?
Not only do I run the global marketing for T/CCI, but separately started a Marketing and Advertising Agency, DCC, 18 years ago. The company and our customers can leverage years of marketing expertise and a full team of talent from strategy and branding to advertising, PR and the digital ecosystem. We support customers in our new product programs and have a great value add for them as a partner!

Product Spotlight: QP7H

The QP7H is and continues to be the fastest growing product line at T/CCI. “This is an anchor product line for us,” Richard Demirjian, T/CCI president said. “Our customers recognize the true heavy-duty nature of the line in this space compared to competitive products and the QP7H outperforms them all, hands down.” The combination of advanced design features provides our customers with a compressor that lasts longer than competitor models.

With the success of the QP7H, T/CCI continues to evolve and improve the product line. Teams work to improve the internal design that will extend the life of the truck compressor. These developments, in combination with our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants around the globe, allow us to provide customers with the latest in industry technology while maintaining our low-cost, high-value promise.

We are a United States manufacturer that has plants across the globe—our culture, methodology and quality control systems are the same throughout our locations. Applying our process in a global market allows us to manufacture our products at a lower cost to our customers. Watch here to see how we apply our process to the 7H line in Ningbo, China.