For the most treacherous terrain to the most threatening environmental elements—performance and durability counts.

T/CCI is committed to advanced technology and engineering capabilities. Our state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar R & D lab and engineering test facility offers advanced product design and validation capabilities. Our highly skilled engineers perform extensive laboratory and field-testing on all products, using the latest technology. T/CCI’s Climatic Wind Tunnel allows customers to simulate any real-world condition by controlling humidity, wind, temperature, solar and road conditions up to 100 mph.

T/CCI’s lab facilities provide custom designed, innovative solutions for small to large projects from start to finish and end to end. Our Product Engineering Department provides on-site engineering, design, development, testing, and validation with a fast and responsive customer assistance program that includes technical design and application support.

Compressor Design & Manufacturing
Extensive Lab & Field Testing and Validation including:

  • Calorimeter, with fully automated 10 performance test points
  • Vista Durability
  • Ransco Climatic Durability
  • Liquid Slugging Testing