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A Global Leader Of Compressor Technology

Innovation means the never-ending pursuit of perfection. It means looking beyond what is in front of us today and developing technologies, products, and processes that create a better tomorrow. At TCCI, we focus on building scalable solutions for the future of the transportation industry—providing transformative products that meet the evolving needs of our customers on the path to zero emissions. Fostering a culture of collaboration and transparency is essential to our responsive design philosophy—deliver today, prepare for tomorrow.

We continually push the envelope and set the standard in compressor technology. Our investment in innovation leads the way for safety, quality, and performance in delivering compressor technology that includes electric, wobble plate, swash plate, variable, rotary vane, reciprocating, and bus heater designs. We’re ready for the next leg of our journey, wherever the road takes us.

Driving the Shift to Electric

We pioneer technology in electrification and support our customer’s plans for full electrification solutions. TCCI offers the largest range of capacity and voltage of any compressor manufacturer in the EV automotive market with products spanning 2kw to 30kw and 24v to 850v.

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Great Place to Work

TCCI is nationally recognized as a Great Place to Work™. As a global company, diversity is not just who we are, but how we operate. Together, we unite our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to become stronger leaders, engineers and thinkers—creating products that make an impact locally and globally.

Recognized Partner

For over 35 years we have led with the intention of exceeding clients’ expectations for safety, quality reliability and value—because we know performance and durability count. TCCI is one of the most experienced and respected compressor manufacturers in the commercial vehicle market globally. Our customers recognize us as a Premier Supplier.


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