Electric Compressors

The Movement To Electrification

TCCI has become one of the leading global Electric Compressor (EC) Manufacturers for the commercial & heavy-duty sectors, as well as automotive specialty vehicle markets. We pioneer technology in electrification and support our customer’s plans for full electrification solutions including vehicle production, charging, route planning and infrastructure. TCCI offers the largest range of capacity and voltage of any compressor manufacturer in the EV automotive market with products spanning 2kw to 30kw and 24v to 850v.

Available Compressor Sizes

Low Voltage Electric Compressors | up to 4kw | 24V

High Voltage Electric Compressors | up to 30kw | 400V and 850V

Our low voltage signals can handle both 12v and 24v within the same unit, allowing OEMs that have both European and North American applications to effortlessly maintain their development programs even when voltages vary by market.

Cabin Cooling

Whether running a no idle system or full-time cooling of the cabin, TCCI offers a range of products to meet your application needs. Especially important in the European market where regulations do not allow combustion engines in certain areas of the city.

Battery Cooling

Our high-voltage products are designed to serve vehicles propelled by an electric motor in full capacity including heavy-duty trucks, buses, transport refrigeration vehicles and automotive applications.

Battery + Cabin Cooling

Offering the largest range of electric compressors for a single solution providing versatility, efficiency, and the ability to customize designs and solutions based on application needs.


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