Bus Heaters

Introducing a New School of Bus Heaters

TCCI is now offering a series of bus heaters including under seat, stepwell & driver designs. As your trusted supplier for mobile cooling components, we are expanding our product portfolio to include a range of bus heaters to provide year-round comfort in all climates.

Heater Designs

  • Underseat TH84 – 2002 & TH50 – 2001
  • Driver TH90 – 3001
  • Stepwell TH50 – 1001

Increased Efficiency

The aluminum heater core is lighter and more compact with more points of contact for improved heat transfer in the same amount of space while using less material.

Easy Maintenance

Module design for easy access to components and fan. No module removal to service heat exchanger, blower or filters.

Designed for Performance

Our fan design circulates more air with advanced blade geometry. Heaters have undergone rigorous validation testing to ensure safety and quality.

Superior Safety

Ceramic resistor monitors heat levels and fire risk. Fan guards and resistors are childproof by design.


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