PVL Cables and Harnesses

PVL Cables and Harnesses

Our affiliate PVL GmbH specializes in High Voltage cables and mixed voltage wire harnesses for the electric vehicle market, as well as low voltage cables, switches, sensors and ignition systems for combustion engines. Their products are found in aerospace vehicles, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, motor sports, aviation, construction equipment, lawn & garden equipment and other industrial applications.

Their factory, located in Cadolzburg, Germany (near Nuremburg), is ISO 9001 certified and supplies many of the same customers who use our compressors. They can provide a fully integrated solution with our compressors or independent solutions for whatever your cable requirements may be. They also offer prototype and small batch as well as full scale production capability.

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High Voltage Cables
Size from 2² mm – 16² mm. 1-4 conductor strands. Customer-specific design with multiple options, including braided sleeving, custom labels, heat shrink tubing and more.
Certified Connectors
Connectors from major industry-standard manufacturers, including Hirschmann and TE, with bridged or real Interlock options. Multiple key options available. 100% high-voltage test for all plugs.
Cable Production
Wire harenesses with crimping and connectors from almost all connector manufacturers. Large stock of standard components. Various test equipment for the Wiring harnesses.
Low Voltage Cables
FLY or FLRY cross-section. Standard diamters 0.30 mm² - 10 mm² (AWG 22- AWG 5) in stock. Various suppliers and color options available.
Digital & Analogue Ignition Systems
Ignition modules for use directly on the flywheel or with a separate stator – rotor combination. Customizable for customer specifications. Can also be made programmable by customer or enduser. For two- and four-stroke applications up to 30000 rpm.
Ignition Coils
Single and double spark coils available with a variety of primary resistors. Can be used for inductive and CDI solutions. Lightweight and powerful. Can also be customized for customer needs.
Ignition Systems for Karting
The choice of champions! Available for classes KZ; OK; OKN; Mini; ROK, IAME, Tillotson T4, Briggs LO206 and many others. Customer-specific ignition adjustment curves, colours and housing shapes possible.
Spark Plug Connector
Spark plug connector for 2 & 4 stroke engines. Available with M4 and SAE connector. With or without interference suppression. Different colors available.
Ignition Spark Transmitter
Ignition spark transmitter for 12 / 24 volts. For the ignition of all flammable gases and fluids. Different timing and power options available. Customer specific housing and packaging possible.
Voltage Regulator
12V/24V (8A-25A). Additional customer-specific features such as current limitation or demand-driven generator control available.
Sensors & Switches
Customer-specific inductive sensors for speed measurement and magnetic reed switch. Various housing shapes available.
Rotors & Fan Wheels
Aluminum die cast flywheels and rotors from 58mm – 165mm (additional sizes available on request). Precise production with steel hub and balancing. Customer-specific adaptations for different engines possible.