MACS New Product Showcase Winners – Best in Show “case”

February 23, 2023 in News


New Product Showcase Winners

Every year, MACS hosts a new product showcase in the Trade Show at the Annual Training Event. This year in Nashville, 18 companies displayed their new products in the showcase vying for an award in one of three categories.

The “Most Service Friendly” is award to the product that makes the job of servicing easier, faster, more efficient or less expensive.

The “Most Innovative” is presented to the product that offers a new concept to the market by creating a unique platform, tool or component that aims to solve a challenge in the marketplace.

The “Best Use of Technology” award is given to the product that takes existing technology and gives it a whole new purpose to improve diagnostics or repair.

New this year- Best in Show “Case” – the winner is determined by vote of the attendees

And the winners are…

Best Use of Technology

Mastercool/53376-R134a Visual Inspection Sight Glass

Save time by easily determining if the A/C system needs to be flushed. The condition of the refrigerant in your A/C system is an important factor in the proper operation of all components and overall cooling efficiency. The only way to see the condition of the refrigerant in your vehicle’s A/C system is with the use of the Mastercool visual inspection sight glass.

This unit can be used with a standard vacuum pump or with the vacuum function on your R/R/R machine. Easy to follow instructions will guide you using either option. This enables user to visually inspect the refrigerant in any R134a or R1234yf system and identify excess dye, oil, or debris. It also allows the user to extract a small portion of the refrigerant for actual visual inspection. Leak free, ball valve controlled and will allow the refrigerant extracted for the visual inspection to be deposited back into the system.

For more information, visit the Mastercool website at

Most Service Friendly

Burgaflex/Burgaclip Hose Repair Kit


Utilizing the patented Burgaclip and Burgacrimp connections, the new hose repair kits from Burgaflex North America includes a wide array of fittings and all the tools needed in each kit, all packed in organized heavy duty tool cases. These kits allow quick repair of most existing hose assembly without the need for expensive crimping machines while saving cost and downtime.

Visit for more information.


Most Innovative

Repairify/AsTech All-In-One

Repairify has introduced asTech All-In-One as a comprehensive tablet-based solution with both local and remote capabilities, allowing for OEM and OEM-compatible diagnostics, ADAS calibrations and programming on vehicles to simplify the repair process. The All-In-One features asTech’s broadest capabilities and OEM vehicle coverage, including utilizing the DOIP, CAN-FD and secure gateway protocols. Users can scan using over 1,000 remote OEM and local OEM-compatible diagnostic tools, access over 400 certified remote technicians, access local OEM-compatible pre- and post-scan reports, and more.

Learn more about asTech All-In-One at the Repairify website,

Best in Show “case”

TCCI Manufacturing/ High Voltage Electric Compressor


Available in 34cc, 46cc, 60cc and 120cc, the first 850V electric compressor available to the commercial transport market from T/CCI provides optimal cabin and battery cooling for commercial battery-operated vehicles and delivers the long life and fast charging. Charging at faster rates creates a unique thermal situation in which the actual batteries are seeing more thermal load from the charging system than they would otherwise see from environmental influence. The 60cc displacement is unique in that it is designed to cool both the battery and cabin, and the introduction of DC Fast Charging is driving OEM adoption of this electric compressor. The 120cc puts out 29kw, which is double that of its closest competitor, and its design eliminates the need to run several compressors in parallel for large cabin or battery systems, improving efficiency of the refrigerant—oil loop. Vehicles are already in production that are equipped with the 120cc in construction and transport refrigeration. The compressors are designed for up to 45,000 hours of life, almost twice the life of competitors, and designed to run at 8500 RPM, providing a reliable, lightweight, and cost-effective solution.

TCCI has been working with companies throughout the design and development phase to pave the road to sustainable transport.

Visit for more information on TCCI Manufacturing products.

The MACS 2024 Annual Training Event & Trade Show will take place at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL on February 1-3, 2024



As TCCI’s engineering team expands, we are ready to seize emerging market opportunities, leveraging cutting-edge technology to tackle current and future challenges.

Our success is built on more than just our products and services; it's built on our culture.

Our success is built on more than just our products and services; it's built on our culture.