TCCI Manufacturing Introduces Innovative Drop-In Replacement Wobble Plate Compressors at MACS 2020 in Nashville, February 19-22

February 11, 2020 in News

TCCI’s QP5H Direct Mount Series, now available for 87cc or 108cc displacement.

Nashville, Tennessee – TCCI Manufacturing, a world leader in compressor technology, including reciprocating, swash plate, wobble plate, and variable compressor designs, will display their latest innovative solutions at the 2020 MACS Training Event and Trade Show, February 19-22 in Nashville, Tennessee. The durable, high-performance compressors provide solutions for a wide variety of equipment ranging from small all-terrain vehicles to 60 passenger buses.

TCCI will be featuring the new QP5H Direct Mount Series, now available for 87cc and 108cc displacements. The drop-in replacement wobble plate compressors have the same durability and performance the industry has come to expect, but the direct mount design eliminates the need for a bracket and reduces costs for the customer.

“We pride ourselves on listening to our customers, understanding where they’re going, and coming up with solutions to help achieve those goals,” said TCCI President Richard Demirjian. “TCCI is the industry’s sole provider of the 5H direct mount concept and we’re excited to share it with our industry partners.”

The QP5H fits in a smaller package closer to the engine, minimizing vibration and optimizing operator comfort. The compressor is equipped with heavy-duty features such as super heavy-duty clutch, dual seal connections, rubber ring, and thermal fuse. Additionally, it directly mounts into the same mounting system as the 7H compressor.

“This compressor design eliminates the bracket cost for our customers. There’s really no validation testing that’s needed—as customers around the world are already using our 5H—and we’re able to provide big cost savings,” Demirjian added. “It also lends itself to being able to replace a 7H, if that’s what the customer wants to do.”

The compressor, which is validating with 1234YF, boasts improved quality and reliability with fewer parts to assemble and inventory, as well as fewer suppliers to manage. The QP5H is manufactured in China and India for cost-effective dual sourcing.

TCCI has pulled from 50 years of expertise in compressor technology and design to develop this latest line of durable, high performance compressors that outperform the competition in nearly every category and at a more affordable price point.


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