TCCI presents 850 V electric compressor designed for commercial EVs

September 5, 2022 in News

TCCI Manufacturing, a provider of automotive compressor technology, will present its 850 V electric compressor for the commercial vehicle and transport market at IAA 2022 in Hanover, Germany. The compressor, available in sizes of 34, 46, 60 and 120 cc, is designed to provide cabin and battery cooling for commercial EVs.

TCCI has been working with customers throughout the design and development phase of the new compressor.

The 850 V range of compressors is designed to run at 8500 RPM. TCCI offers a wide range of capacities, allowing OEMs to optimize their systems.

Also on display at the IAA show is TCCI’s 120 cc/850 V compressor, which puts out 29 kW, and is designed to eliminate the need to run several compressors in parallel for large cabin or battery systems.

In addition to its higher-voltage models, TCCI also offers the 15 cc/24 V and 24 cc/24 V products, which are designed primarily to cool the interior of a cabin when a vehicle’s engine is turned off. This is an important feature in the European market, where regulations don’t allow truck engines to idle overnight.

“As recently as two years ago, the commercial market was struggling to find the right specifications both mechanically and electrically. We were getting requests for everything from 24 V to 800 V,” said Richard Demirjian, President of TCCI Manufacturing. “By listening to customers and understanding their needs, TCCI has focused on innovation around the 400 V and 850 V products, which are poised to usher in a new era of commercial EVs.”

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