Advancing EV Innovation: TCCI Manufacturing Showcases at MACS Trade Show

January 31, 2024 in News

January 31, 2024, Decatur, Illinois — TCCI Manufacturing, a global pioneer in electric compressor technology for commercial and same-day delivery vehicles, will be participating in the 2024 MACS Annual Training Event & Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. This three-day event, scheduled from January 31 to February 3, is renowned as the only mobile A/C product-specific trade show in the United States, making it a key event for professionals in the automotive, light-duty trucks, heavy-duty, and off-road vehicle sectors.

TCCI will showcase its cutting-edge electric compressor lineup at Booth 306 where attendees will have the opportunity to explore a range of electric, swash and wobble plate compressors that meet the evolving needs of customers. TCCI offers the largest range of capacity and voltage of any compressor manufacturer in the EV market with products spanning from 2kw to 30kw and 24V to 850V, allowing OEMs to optimize their systems to achieve the lowest charging times in the industry. Our 850V range of compressors is designed to run at 8500 RPM, allowing them to be more reliable, lighter weight and the most cost-effective compressor solution available. Our low voltage signals can handle both 12V and 24V within the same unit, allowing OEMs that have both European and North American applications to cost-effectively maintain their development programs even when voltages vary by market.

In addition to its products, TCCI is proud to announce the re-election of Charlie Roberts, TCCI Director of Sales, to the Mobile Air Climate Systems Association Board of Directors. With an impressive 31 years of experience in the automotive and heavy-duty industry, Charlie’s commitment to progress and excellence has been a driving force behind TCCI’s success.

“As someone deeply invested in the mobile A/C industry, it’s truly an honor to not only serve on the Board of Directors for MACS but also to endorse and encourage participation in the upcoming MACS Annual Training Event,” said Roberts. “Being a part of the MACS community is more than just an individual honor—it’s about fostering a network of professionals united by shared interests and experiences, collectively steering the industry towards progress and innovation.”

TCCI invites all attendees to visit Booth 306 to view its product line and learn about the new EV Innovation Hub in Decatur, Illinois. This innovative hub, adopting a three-tiered approach to advancement, includes the CCIR – a state-of-the-art R+D facility designed to enhance high-profile research and support testing, technology advancement and full-scale climatic testing for high-voltage systems, battery cooling and both A/C and heat pumps for EVs.

The EV Innovation Hub will also feature a state-of-the-art electric compressor production line and the EV + Energy Workforce Training Academy, a collaborative initiative with universities and community colleges providing students with an immersive learning experience, allowing them to work alongside industry experts in a real-world setting and positioning them for success in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle and clean energy industries.


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