Tillotson Carburetors Propel World Champion Drivers to Victory in the CIK-FIA OK-Class

October 18, 2018 in News

As reported on KartXpress

TRALEE, IRELAND – Tillotson carburetors made another stellar showing at the 2018 CIK FIA Karting World Championships in Sweden at the end of September. More than 200 drivers took to the Kristianstad circuit in the OK and OK Junior class races. This year’s OK class was dominated by Tillotson with the top 5 pilots all running the Tillotson HC-112. Congratulations to Lorenzo Travizanuto on his well-deserved World Champion Title, as well as the Vice-Champion (and recently crowned European champion) Hannes Janker, and Lugio Coluccio for taking the other podium spots on the world stage.

“It was a great year of racing and the World Championship event was a thrilling display as two of the best drivers in the world went head to head lapping within 0.05 seconds of each other,” Tillotson Track Technician Mark French said. “We congratulate all the drivers on their effort this season and look forward to next year’s homologation where our goal is to see Tillotson drivers on the top of the podium in both the OK and OK Junior categories.”

Tillotson, a recognized leader in the design and development of the most highly engineered carburetors in the world, now boasts three double World and European Championship titles in a row. 2018 has proven to be the strongest in the senior category as Tillotson dominated the number of race victories, championships and percentage of drivers winning every title from WSK, DKM, CIK Euros / Worlds.

In addition to the top five drivers in the OK category at the CIK FIA Karting World Championships, 84 of the 102 entrants were driving with Tillotson carburetors.

The HC-112A is an updated version of our popular HC-102A as used in the KF classes which provides improved throttle response and increased mid-range HP. The HC-112A is CNC machined from billet aluminum and features laser engraved “H” and “L” needles and setting guide to make precise setting easier. Look out for our new 2019 CIK homologation range of carburetors which will boast many new features to provide the next level of performance.

About Tillotson
Tillotson is a global leader in innovative fuel systems and high-performance small engines. Founded in 1914, Tillotson became one of the best-known carburetor manufacturers revolutionizing the handheld engine industry in the 1940’s with the first diaphragm carburetors. Tillotson currently offers a full line of racing and high-performance carburetors, including its HW, HB and HM series diaphragm carburetors, its PK-1 clone class carburetors and its TF and TG series TillotsonTCT mechanical fuel injection for open classes. Its Tillotson Power Products affiliate offers high-performance 196cc and 212cc power-sport engines, as well as a line of lawnmower engines and portable electric generators.


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