Engineering Excellence: TCCI’s Strategic Integration of Engineering and Sustainability

May 24, 2024 in Blog

As our engineering team at TCCI continues to expand, spearheading innovation and embracing the challenges of tomorrow, we stand ready to seize emerging market opportunities, leveraging cutting-edge technology to address both current and future challenges. At the heart of our strategy lies a commitment to excellence, one that transcends geographical boundaries. We’ve crafted an engineering organization positioned across global locations, poised to deliver unparalleled products and support to our customers. Central to our ethos is not only product development but also the creation of comprehensive solutions that exceed expectations. This includes a robust focus on software engineering, which is increasingly critical in developing sophisticated, integrated systems that enhance the functionality and efficiency of our products. Our engineering architecture consists of four key sub-organizations, each playing a distinct yet interconnected role:

Advanced Engineering:

The Advanced Engineering team, led by Erik Huyghe, is dedicated to designing and developing new products, particularly focusing on the electric compressor family. Over the past six years, they have been instrumental in supporting the electrification of products, resulting in an industry-leading electric compressor product line. Their responsibilities have expanded to include hardware and software development, encompassing embedded software, circuit boards, and motor control applications to further enhance product capabilities.

Global Engineering:

Edward Arrieta leads the Global Engineering team, operating across the US and China, with a primary focus on developing and maintaining the mechanical compressor product line. This work is pivotal as the mechanical compressor line drives our sales and holds significant potential in the market. The team collaborates closely with the Advanced Engineering team to design mechanical components for the electric compressor product. Global Engineering also spearheads the design and development of our systems product line, leveraging expertise in H/VAC and electric compressors to create innovative climate control solutions for various applications, including the RV industry.

EC Sales & Product Management:

Jake Scott directs the EC Sales & Product Management team, tasked with spearheading electric compressor sales initiatives. They aim to expand customer and market reach while aiding the transition of traditional mechanical customers to electric vehicles. Through close collaboration with customers, they integrate their feedback into product designs, working hand-in-hand with TCCI engineering teams. Additionally, the team provides applications engineering support for both mechanical and electric products to meet specific customer requirements.

Projects & Process Engineering:

Anthony Hornbeck, the Director of Project and Process Engineering at TCCI, leads a team focused on ensuring high-quality product delivery that meets customer needs from design, cost, and compliance perspectives. They collaborate with internal stakeholders across Purchasing, Engineering, Quality, and Manufacturing departments. Responsible for TCCI’s global project management approach, their scope includes engineering product development, validation lab testing schedules, and extends to non-engineering initiatives over time. The team leads the APQP process, ensuring conformity to standards across product design, validation, and manufacturing efforts. While individual departments like Advanced Engineering and Global Engineering hold responsibility for compliance, the Project & Processing Engineering team guides them through the process.

To support TCCI’s shift to electric, we’ve internalized the development of compressor software, firmware, and electrical hardware to meet USMCA standards. This decision has prompted us to assemble a skilled team of software engineers, electrical engineers, and PCB engineers, while also forming partnerships with industry leaders and academic institutions to advance our software and hardware development efforts.

These efforts are not only advancing our software and hardware development but are also pivotal in our broader commitment to environmental sustainability. As global temperatures rise, the importance of advancing HVAC research and development becomes more critical. TCCI is at the forefront of developing alternative refrigerants and electric compressor technologies to address the challenges of climate change. Our efforts are aimed at enabling our partners and customers to create solutions that reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact.

By strategically aligning its sub-organizations—Advanced Engineering, Global Engineering, EC Sales & Product Management, and Projects & Process Engineering—TCCI is poised to lead in the development of cutting-edge HVAC solutions, particularly electric compressor technologies. The integration of advanced software and hardware development, alongside collaborations with industry and academic leaders, fortifies our position at the forefront of addressing climate change through sustainable product innovations. With a clear focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental stewardship, TCCI is not just adapting to a changing world but is actively shaping a future where technology and sustainability converge.


Our success is built on more than just our products and services; it's built on our culture.

Our success is built on more than just our products and services; it's built on our culture.

To achieve and sustain excellence in the Indian automotive industry, TCCI understands the paramount importance of product quality in the manufacturing environment.