The Shift To Energy Efficient Refrigerants

October 9, 2017 in Blog

R404A has long been the most widely used refrigerant for mobile, commercial and industrial refrigeration—including the prolific Transport Refrigeration industry. It was first introduced in the 1990’s as a more environmentally friendly replacement for CFCs and HCFCs—but it is no longer considered the best option for emissions efficiency.
R452A is a new alternative refrigerant for R404A and has a 45% lower environmental impact. It also reduces your operating costs while complying with the upcoming 2020 F-GAS regulations. TCCI is one of the few companies ready to sell R452A compliant compressors—QP13, 15 and 16. Not only does this sustainable innovation minimize environmental impact, but promises lasting savings for your operation.

TCCI has also been approved to utilize R1234yf for air conditioning compressors in vehicle cabs. This new, more efficient refrigerant will replace the commonly used R134A.

It’s our responsibility to not only deliver high-quality products that perform, but products that are designed with environmental and monetary impact in mind.


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