Safe Work, Sustainable Future: TCCI’s Holistic Approach to Employee Well-being and Environmental Stewardship

June 20, 2024 in Blog

From the moment an employee steps onto our premises, they’re greeted by a culture that prioritizes their well-being above all else. Safety is a core value at TCCI, and we firmly believe that everyone plays a role in creating a safe work environment.  We empower our team members to actively participate in maintaining that environment through regular safety training sessions, hazard identification protocols, and open channels of communication to ensure that safety is not just a box to check but a way of life for each member of our team.

Our strong emphasis on safety and sustainability influences our corporate culture and enhances the everyday lives of our team members. We recently marked a milestone at our Decatur, Illinois headquarters of 1,000 consecutive days without any safety accidents or environmental incidents. Over the past almost 3 years, each person has contributed to Goal Zero by focusing on safe work practices in their daily jobs, seeking out more environmentally sound options, and working as one to maintain our strong safety culture. 

“We know that safety is not an accident,” said Drew Keiser, Vice President of Global Human Resources at TCCI Manufacturing.

At TCCI, we promote a safety-conscious mindset that extends beyond the workplace, fostering a holistic approach to well-being. This aligns with our sustainability principles, guiding us to incorporate environmentally friendly practices in our operations, reducing our ecological footprint as we recognize that our actions today have far-reaching implications for future generations. 

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere compliance with regulations. We’re constantly seeking innovative ways to promote eco-friendly practices across all facets of our operations. Whether it’s exploring renewable energy sources, implementing recycling programs, or partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, we’re continuously striving to raise the bar for environmental stewardship within our industry.

At the heart of our safety and sustainability initiatives lies a simple yet powerful belief: that work should be more than just a means to an end—it should be a source of fulfillment and harmony. We prioritize a holistic approach that underscores the integration and synergy between work and life. Recognizing that our employees dedicate a considerable portion of their lives to work, it’s imperative that their workplace cultivates a feeling of belonging and well-being.

From a safe working environment with equipment that meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements to a supportive workplace culture, we’re committed to creating an environment where employees feel valued and empowered to thrive. When our employees feel safe and fulfilled, they’re better equipped to bring their best selves to work each day, driving innovation, productivity, and success for our organization as a whole.



As TCCI’s engineering team expands, we are ready to seize emerging market opportunities, leveraging cutting-edge technology to tackle current and future challenges.

Our success is built on more than just our products and services; it's built on our culture.

Our success is built on more than just our products and services; it's built on our culture.