TCCI and Tillotson Introduce Diamond Standard Vertical Engines at GIE

November 1, 2016 in Blog

TCCI partnered with sister company, Tillotson, a world-leading manufacturer of carburetors, to introduce the first Tillotson made lawn mower engine at the 2016 Green Industry & Equipment Expo in Louisville, KY, October 19-21. The new Tillotson Diamond Standard Vertical Engines are available in 140cc, 173cc and 196cc. The engines are powered by Tillotson’s patented TillotsonTCT fuel system that reduces emissions by up to 40% and delivers 5% more torque and a more stable power curve for ultimate performance.

“The Tillotson name and reputation has been a powerhouse in the lawn and garden industry for more than 100 years. We have taken our engineering expertise and a century of industry knowledge to create one of the most powerful lawnmower engines in this space,” said Tillotson President Charles Demirjian. “Our design provides more power and torque with greater stability and lower emissions. The combination of our high-quality manufacturing partnership with TCCI and our new TillotsonTCT fuel technology gives us a distinct advantage over the competition. This engine will increase the value of manufacturer’s equipment while creating a significant product cost savings.”

TCCI’s ISO-9001:2003 with Design and ISO14001 and TS-16949 certification provides Tillotson with the highest standard automotive grade manufacturing capability which translates to superior product and greater savings for the customer. Together, Tillotson and TCCI dedicate themselves to a collaborative philosophy with customers that starts with engineering & application expertise, a fast responsive support program and global logistics through our facilities in the US, Ireland, Argentina, China, Germany and Spain.


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