Product Spotlight: QP40

January 1, 2017 in Blog

The QP40 family of compressors has proved to be a valuable solution for some of the largest busses and transport vehicles on the road both in the U.S. and around the world. Developed in 2014, the QP40 was built as a single unit solution for TCCI customers in the trucking, bus, construction and transport refrigeration sectors. TCCI recently identified a need in the global market for a larger, more robust compressor, which prompted development and expansion of the product line into the 400-650 cc compressor for the bus market specifically.

“We’ve provided a strong solution for the small and medium markets for a long time. In recent years, we’ve seen a growing need in the South American and Asian markets especially, as the large city buses are fitted with air conditioned units,” TCCI President Richard Demirjian said.

TCCI compressors offer customers an added value and convenience. The QP40 is currently the only compressor in its class to offer a solution with a clutch, providing customers an all-in-one option.

The market response to this unique design has been extremely favorable, as sales have posted double-digit growth for the last few years. In response, TCCI continues to expand capacity and production in its state-of-the-art building.

In addition to the bus market, the larger compressor is ideal for the school bus and transit trailer refrigeration units. And as the technology for systems evolves, TCCI is positioned to respond. The expanded clutch configurations are designed to accommodate many of the new engines for this category.

With the success of the QP40 family, TCCI is looking ahead to expand the offering to the 1000cc category for use in large trains. They’re also developing models for electric systems.

“This is an exciting space with ample room for growth. We’re positioned well for continued product development to meet need in the largest market categories.”


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