Laying the Groundwork for Machining Excellence

June 29, 2018 in Blog

TCCI is laying the groundwork for our latest investment in manufacturing excellence—the Toyoda FH1600SW. As the largest HMC ever installed on US soil—the FH1600SW boasts superior speed performance while maintaining an unrivaled platform rigidity that allows spindles to reach peak performance.

Built for capacity. The FH1600SW horizontal machining center features the largest work envelope in its class and the greatest machining capacity for large part applications.

Built for power. Engineered for heavy cutting, the FH1600FW delivers powerful cutting and high removal rates.

Built for reliability. The FH1600SW’s bed and column have a higher density than traditional cast iron, providing enhanced stability and long-term durability.
The machine will be running Summer 2018. Taking orders now.


To achieve and sustain excellence in the Indian automotive industry, TCCI understands the paramount importance of product quality in the manufacturing environment.

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