Product Spotlight: QPV-125

May 1, 2017 in Blog

TCCI’s QPV-125 is built to outperform and outlast the competition. This variable swash plate compressor with 125cc displacement, balances performance to the amount of cooling required, increases fuel efficiency and provides enhanced durability for construction vehicles and heavy-duty trucks.

While most variable compressors are designed for the automotive industry (three years – 36,000 miles on the road), TCCI’s proprietary design and unique internal configuration of the compressor is developed specifically for the heavy-duty market, where they commonly run 100,000 miles.

  • Electromagnetic Clutch with Torque Cushion Driver, Thermal Fuse and Diode: Enhanced NVH and belt protection
  • Guide Groove Mechanism: Improved durability and control
  • Valve Plate Component Design: Superior leak resistance and performance
  • Crankcase Oil Separator: Refined oil management
  • Larger Thrust Bearing: Increased NVH and durability
  • 4-Port Pneumatic Control Valve: Advanced energy efficiency
  • PTFE Coating Plated and Welded Bronze Swash Plate: Robust dry start protection and enhanced reliability
  • CAE Optimized Casting Design: Improved NVH and weight management
  • Heat Treatment and Improved Tolerance Spline: Enhanced product longevity


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