John Chan Sees An Energy-Efficient Future for Industry

July 18, 2017 in Blog

Describe your role with TCCI
I serve as both the Manager of the Asia Pacific Region and the General Manager of the Ningbo facility. My day-to-day responsibilities range from general and overall management of the manufacturing operations in the Ningbo facility to sales and networking with international customers and prospective customers.

What’s been your best experience working for TCCI?
Being able to personally witness and enjoy the dynamic growth and expansion of our organization and its product offerings both in my territory and internationally has been an amazing experience and highlight of my career.

What opportunities do you see in the industry?
There is a huge opportunity to adopt more energy saving and energy efficient alternative products—gradually replacing traditional belt-driven vehicle components and accessories. TCCI anticipates these trends in order to respond to the new demands of our climate subsequent regulation throughout our industry.

How have your experiences/knowledge from past roles shaped your experience in your current role?
Prior to working for TCCI, I was employed for over 20 years at Chicago law firms. The discipline, precision and zero-tolerance for mistakes common in law firms undoubtedly helped me to manage and structure the range of responsibility entrusted in me as the general manager of a manufacturing operation. It’s a much more dynamic environment that requires the ability to adapt.


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