Questions From Customers: How do I know if the compressor has oil in it?

August 1, 2016 in Blog

We often get asked by customers if they need to check the level of oil in our compressors as they come out of the box. All of our compressors are filled at the factory with precise measuring equipment to insure your compressor has the proper oil charge. The label on the compressor will tell you the amount and type of oil. For example, most of our QP7H15 compressors for the heavy-duty truck market come from the factory with 300 cc of PAG46 oil. This would be a 46 viscosity lubricant and our PAG oil is a superior double end-capped PAG. For certain customers, primarily in the transport refrigeration markets, we can equip our compressors with a POE oil if this is specified. However, sometime the customer prefers to use their own special type or brand of oil and ask that our compressors be shipped “dry” or without oil. In these cases, we will special label our compressors as an XD version. XD (no oil) models gives our customers the flexibility they desire. TCCI is proud to offer a wide variety of compressor and clutch options to suit the many varied requirements of our valued customers.


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