Product Spotlight: QPRV

August 9, 2017 in Blog

We listened to the needs of the Construction and Agriculture industry OEM and system providers and applied our manufacturing expertise to engineer the QPRV Rotary Vane Compressor for small construction and ag vehicles. The QPRV is a more compact, less expensive alternative to wobble plate compressors that works with 25 hp engines. TCCI’s designs are always engineered to deliver optimum performance and durability at an accessible price point—and the QPRV is no exception. It has gone through rigorous quality testing and validation to ensure every detail works to deliver on our brand promise.

  • Dual ellipses create more contact points equaling more pulsations and better NVH
  • No suction reed eliminates floating reed issues
  • Slug tolerance feature bypasses the discharge reed and doesn’t compress liquid
  • No rings eliminates wear and tear issues found in other designs
  • Polished bushings with oil groove fed by positive lubrication eliminates failure mode
  • Engagement shock is reduced—less torque demand on the engine during clutch engagement
  • Coated plates to reduce friction


At TCCI, our brand is our promise—to deliver innovative product solutions that exceed customer expectations and drive the industry towards a more sustainable future. We know that customer acquis

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