Work As One

April 14, 2023 in Blog

At TCCI, community is not just a concept—it’s our competitive edge. Our company’s values and brand pillars emphasize the importance of collaboration in achieving innovation and success, so we named our internal campaign Work as One to reflect this belief. We build meaningful partnerships as we ‘work as one’ global community to facilitate research and innovation, economic development, and workforce initiatives to drive performance, culture, value, and growth in the places we call home.

We contribute much of our success to a clearly-defined mission and brand promise. Our practices and policies are the same at every location, allowing us to deliver innovative product solutions that exceed customer expectations and drive the industry towards a more sustainable future. Work as One promotes not only participation and partnership, but it also helps fulfill our commitment to clients.

TCCI has a culture rich in recognizing the value of diverse experiences, knowledge, and perspectives that each team member brings, enabling us to think holistically as a company. We bring together individuals with varying skill sets from different teams and foster a collaborative learning environment where we effectively tackle challenges. Through our collaborative model for success, we produce better products by having our quality, engineering, and sales teams collaborate through the decision-making and design processes.

We know that communication is key to a collaborative work model, and we designed our spaces with this in mind. Whether it be huddle rooms, open spaces, or virtual technology, our global teams stay connected so we can efficiently develop technologies and expedite products.

A brand’s pillars are only as good as the strength of support behind them, and at TCCI, our community is made up of individuals who share our same values and culture. As we pave the way for aggressive growth, our Work as One global mindset will propel us to the future of transportation—together.

Work As One


To achieve and sustain excellence in the Indian automotive industry, TCCI understands the paramount importance of product quality in the manufacturing environment.

Diversity drives innovation, and at TCCI, one thing is abundantly clear: there’s a place for women in manufacturing. According to the US Census Bureau, women make up about 47% of the American workfo

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