Henrik Diestel Prepares for Off-Highway Aftermarket Growth in Europe

June 8, 2017 in Blog

Describe your role with TCCI.
I am a sales manager specializing in the European Off-Highway aftermarket. A lot of my work is developing
programs that suit customers’ needs—I see myself as the link between production and customers. This requires technical application knowledge as well as market research and a close relationship with the customer base.

What’s been your best experience working for TCCI?
I can’t name just one experience. Every employee truly cares about the work they are doing. They care about the product quality and performance—and delivering on the promise to the customers. Personally, I am proud to have applied that passion to the development and growth of the European Off-Highway aftermarket business.

What opportunities do you see in the industry?
I foresee a disproportionate growth in the European Off-Highway aftermarket over the coming years. There is a pent-up demand, particularly in the agricultural aftermarket. It is critical to anticipate these upcoming events so that we can better prepare our customers. By doing so, both the supplier and the customer are able to benefit from the trends.

How have your experiences/knowledge from past roles shaped your experience in your current role?
My experience ranges from German law to new development for medical systems. I also worked as the vice director of a market research institute. In these roles, I learned how to effectively screen market information and translate them into product demands to further develop programs for the customer.


As TCCI’s engineering team expands, we are ready to seize emerging market opportunities, leveraging cutting-edge technology to tackle current and future challenges.

Our success is built on more than just our products and services; it's built on our culture.

Our success is built on more than just our products and services; it's built on our culture.